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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


How would you describe yourself? Do you do, or have you done what was expected of you? Do you wake up on the right side of the bed. Do you dress in the right way, get in the right car parked in the right driveway of the right street and drive it to the right job? Would you describe yourself as a person who went along with the flow or do you constantly find yourself going against the grain?Dancing to the beat of a distant drum.

Now this is not a question of judgment, I’m simply curious.
Many people live their lives in the quote-unquote right way. But there are those who live their lives doing things that other people wouldn’t, couldn’t, and quite possibly shouldn’t do. And they do it with rhythm. Might that be you?

Well if you are not doing your own thing, dancing your own dance. If you are living your life on someone else’s prescription, if for example you are what your family wanted you to be, versus the call in your heart, if you are someone who behaves or thinks in a socially acceptable or expected ways, you are according to my research a conformist. Now this is not the worst way to be I suppose. Living a life that some else has planed could feel a little less threatening and it certainly keeps you from being a threat.

But what if one day, you herd the music playing and felt an urge to dance or sing or create, to break free from the pack in a society which would have none of that. What do you do then? Would you, could you allow yourself the freedom to dance? I’m just curious.

I guess to be sure we should examine those who hear the beat of the distant drum, those who’s hips move freely. Let us take a look at those who reject the flow, the conforms of society, those who move against the grain. These people are called many things, for their behavior is often not condoned. They are labeled eccentric, rebellious, nonconformist and trouble makers. But these are the people who open doors. These are the ones who chart new courses, for they are also free thinkers, artists and visionaries. They make others nervous as their hips move freely, as they dance to the beat that others can not hear.

Again I’ll ask, Where do you fall, are you going with the flow or are you dancing to the beat of the distance drummer?

I’ve been dancing my entire life and cant imagine a life without the rhythm of the distant drum. I cant imagine living any other way, for I have found the most amazing gifts on the less crowded dance floor of life or shall I say the paths less traveled. In other words I did it my way.
But lets talk about that for a minute, for this does not mean that my steps are without order. This does not mean that I answer to no one. It simply means that I answer to no flesh. Instead I listen for the beat of the drum, knowing well the drummer. For you see going against the grain creates a certain rhythm within itself, offering a connectedness to spirit. While dancing with no rhythm… well we wont go there…and there is no need when the drummer’s beat is constant.

Dancing to the beat of the distance drum is not the easiest way. You are often met with resistance, disapproval, or a basic lack of understanding. But those who hear the beat and on keep on dancing are the healthiest people I know. For they are often living a rich and rewarding life, the one's they were meant to live.
What are you doing for the rest of your life?
Might I invite you to a dance. I know the most amazing drummer who never misses a beat.

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