"...these loaves that I will share with you, were baked with love, and what I know so far. I'm a firm believer that we are what we eat, and I pray the bread I share here with you, will nourish and encourage you".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Under Construction

Question; Is it just me, or have you ever felt that you needed to shut down for remodeling? Good, then I'll continue. For I'm thinking the everyday stress of most grown folks will at some point-in-time make us all want to hang a sign that says:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION....pardon my dust.

There comes a time for most of us where we just need to stop, access, re-group, rest, relax, rejuvenate, and restructure. Now you may be asking yourself , with all the responsibilities we have today, how, how on earth can we do it? Well I'm not sure, but I'll tell you what I know so far. The is rather personal, for we all have daily things that must be dealt with, but I offer that they are not as plentiful as we may think. Far too often, we are too close to our lives to see where we need to step back.

So we must start with the things that really can wait, until tomorrow. Now to pay homage to them, may I suggest that we write them down. Yes, let's make a list and put ourselves on top, And, with you at the top of the list, ask yourself: What do I need? After you've identified what is needed you must ask yourself how to accomplish it. For example; if rest is what you need , say no to something, or someone. reclaim some of your precious time for yourself. If you were a structure, there would be a need for constant maintenance. Well guess what? You are a structure! Actually, you are a temple. So let's get busy.

Hang your sign: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, pardon my dust. You may even need to add in small print, enter at your own risk... I have found that the blows of life can sometimes leave cracks in the foundation, which could make it unstable. This is part of the assessment. Take an honest look at where you are, what is cracked or affected you, and what need to be done about it. Which cracks can be filled and which cracks add character? Next let's check the floors. Is your foundation solid? Is it clean? We may need to sweep out all the corners where the dust can sometimes gather into layers... The surface needs thought as well. Soft surfaces have appeal, but they may not suit your needs. You may find that hard wood is not only beautiful, but resilient.

What about your walls? Are they in need of repair? Maybe there's a need for additions. Could be you've already expanded, but no matter- let's deal with our square footage. Since we're in a remodeling phase, you could scale back if you need to. Hey speaking of walls, what of our finish? I'm thinking of duck feathers for mine. You know the saying "water off a ducks back"?
Yeah, feathers will do nicely.

By the way, how is your sound system? What are the messages that play over and over in your head? And who recorded them? If they don't tell you how wonderful, capable, and necessary you are, then book some studio time. Your sound system is definitely in need of reprogramming!

I have often said that the care and feeding of Cassandra is a full time job, and this is true for you as well. For who can do it better than you, and who's job is it? That's right, it's yours!
For you see, what I know so far is; if we don' take time to shut down and go UNDER CONSTRUCTION, eventually our sign may read OUT OF BUSINESS!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let It Go!

As I was working out this morning on the treadmill, attempting to honor my New Year's resolution and stay on the weight loss train (the one that threatens constantly to leave the station without me on board), it occurred to me that there were some other areas in my life where I could stand to loose a little weight!

Other things that grow, and get out of control if left unchecked. Other things that weigh me down, thinking and beliefs that can do as much damage as being morbidly obese. Other things that I need to workout, and let go of. And hopefully as you're reading this, you too are doing a mental check of the weight that you are carrying, for I suspect that many of us are dangerously, overweight. We are weighed down with the weight of the world, carrying around all sorts of things that if we'd just let go, would go! Are you weighed down by anger, are your emotions out of control? Maybe you're looking at the worlds through a clouded, narrow view. If so, consider this a great new diet plan. For it is a way you can loose hundreds of pounds almost instantly! And you won't have to exercise, though you should, and yes you can eat whatever you want, though you shouldn't Sound too good to be true? Well I wouldn't lie to you. And, I won't keep you waiting any longer. So here we go. All you have to do is LET IT GO!

Oh, I can imagine the moaning, so calm down. I'll explain. But first let me ask you this- how much do you weigh? And now, the person that makes you craziest. Be it your ex, your current, a sibling, boss, or co-worker. How much do they weigh? Lets say an average of 185lbs. Okay, now take all that energy that you give that person- all the angst you waste on the situation. Bundle it up and let it go! You see instant weight loss. Oh but I'm not done, I'm just getting started... Let's start with the past. Those memories that still haunt you, those things that you think you just can't get over, the burdens you carry daily. Oh the wait of it all, let it go! It has been proven that most of us are eating to deaden ourselves, many of us are eating to comfort ourselves, and some are simply eating to escape. And, of course when you're not healthy, you don't make healthy choices. Calorie counting is far too tedious when your consumed with recounting the past.
Let it go!

I'm thinking of the book "THE POWER OF NOW", a guide to spiritual enlightenment by author Eckart Tolle. And I need to be enlightened myself because life tends to add allot of extra weight. and it might just not be around the mid-section! It's two-fold. The older I get, it seems the less I trip on trivial matters, for the more real life or should I say real big issues loom. Those things that feel like the weight of the world resting solely on my shoulders, those ties that bind that can't be cut- at least not just yet... LET THEM GO! I suspect that one of the tricks to weight loss, weight loss of any kind, lies in the power of NOW, and the willingness to let go of our painful pasts, as well as woe around a future we cannot know. Just let it go! Let go of the energy and the weight that surrounds those unhealthy relationships. Let go of the pain and weight of the past hurts that can only serve to keep you hurting. Let go of the fears that rattle your cages and your psyche's...LET IT GO! and, watch your appetite diminish! You'll loose your taste for fear, drama, and pain, and you won't create or allow it. You'll just let it go. And how you ask? Well, I'll tell you.
But you're not going to like it... JUST DO IT!

Because you see, this is what I know so far. Any habitual way of being can be clanged, And while it isn't necessarily easy, it's most definitely possible. It takes honesty about what's really eating you, education about how to redirect the situation, and willingness to LET IT GO! You'll begin to envision your life the way you desire it to be.... You see, the cosmic law of attraction is always working either for you, OR on you. Use it to remove the weight you don't want to carry, and use it to draw to you that which you desire. And trust that it will right all the wrongs, if you are willing to let it go.

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The ALL NEW Cassandra!
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