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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What is the point of pain? Well, let’s think about it for a moment. Now I’m not talking about the point in which something begins to cause you pain, I’m talking about the possibility that our suffering could have some purpose behind it, some point to it.

What do you think? Certainly many, if not most of us have been hurt in some way by something if not someone. And yes, I’ll give you that in the midst of the pain, we’d be hard pressed to seek a point. Moreover we just wish for the point where the pain would stop. But, I think that pain can be a cleanser, a teacher and unfortunately for many a friend. It is after all, that thing that is familiar to many, as hurting can be habit forming. For it is true that some of us do have a bad habit of pain. We hold onto pain as though it were a lover or a friend, taking it with us where ever we go.

I suppose for some that it might depend on the root of pain. Pain rooted in the death or the loss of someone my seem more poignant than the pain of a stubbed toe. The pain of disappointment, of a broken dream for example, may seem more acceptable to hold onto to than the pain of a headache, perhaps. Hey I don’t know. What I do know however, is that I’ve had enough pain in my life to seek out it’s point. I’m thinking that if pain comes to visit me so often, it must be coming to bring me something, yeah? I mean it’s rather rude to show up at one’s house empty handed. That’s what I’m thinking anyway. So after partying with pain I’ve learned a thing or two about it. And I will tell you what I know so far about the point of pain...

  • I’ve learned that pain has power, and I don’t mean the power to hurt you, pain has the power to heal you as well.

  • I’ve learned that pain is a teacher, and it’s a good one too! Pain will, if you let it, drive a lesson home with such clarity that you never forget it. For there is a point in pain where you say enough! Some scream it, some cry it, other’s just know it. Pain has a point where we get sick and tired of being sick and tired. For you see, real pain will not allow you to be comfortable.

  • I’ve learned that pain is a catalyst, a stimulus to change, pain is like a launching pad. Propelling us, if we let it, past the points where we’ve been stuck.

  • I’ve learned that intense pain, is for many of us the only point in which we will come up out of our comfort zones and do those thing we fear the most.
    Now check this out, I've also learned that pain is a barer of gifts. And I like gifts. True enough these gifts carry hefty prices. But by the time you receive the gift you’ve already paid the price.

The good news is this. Usually when we face the pain we realize that it’s not quite as deep as we feared. When faced, we find the way in no-way. I liken it to the rising sun after an all night thunder storm. Like the dawn after the darkness. So all in all; since I have not found a lasting way around pain, no point in pain where one is guarantied that it will never come again, I’ve decided to except it's inevitability, learn from it, and dropkick it to the curb. That’s after I’ve gotten all the gifts it came to bring me.

Yeah, I’m thinking pain is sort of like a pesky neighbor, you know, kind of like a play cousin. One you see them coming down the street and you quickly run outside and set on your porch so you can entertain them there, with out inviting them in.

For you see this is what I know so far;
While pain can be many things and at the very least habit forming, it is neither to be feared nor befriended. Instead, let pain teach you. Let pain motivate you- and then let pain go!

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