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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It is often said that opposites attract and while that is what is said, it’s truth is in question. Frankly, I would challenge the theory of opposites attracting. For another word for opposites is polarity and polarity is defined as extreme differences, views and opinions which are diametrically opposed to each other. This does not an attraction make.


I suspect that the attraction is more a result of a recognition. Yes, I suspect that if even on a subconscious level what we attract or recognize in others... is ourselves. For I believe that we are magnets, attracting or shall I say recognizing that which is like us.

A magnet as you well know is a piece of metal that attracts metal. A magnet is a piece of metal that has the power to draw iron or steel objects toward itself and has the power to hold them, or move them. As human magnets we are the center of attention, a source of great attraction, we are lures, attracting, pulling, enticing, inducing and holding in place a life. People and situations which are on some level, be it conscious or subconscious, just like us.

Opposites attracting? I don’t know about that. But I do know that comfort is found in those things which are familiar. It has been said that our lives reflect our thinking. Now I am aware of how uncomfortable this thought my be for some, but I suspect that is only for those who’s thoughts have conjured up a mess. What we fail to realize or consider is, that information and the willingness to grow changes everything. We often fail to see our part in the messes that we’ve made. We fail to think that if we could make such a chaotic state we could, with the same energy, some focus- and lets be real, some time, we could change the way we experience our lives. In this way, we take responsibility and then we take control. So you see it’s not about them, it’s about you. And the willingness to be about your business changes your composition, making your more attractive.

Just yesterday, I got the answer to some questions I’ve had for some time. My questions; “Why is it that so many of us seem so content in negativity? Why is it so easy to focus on and dwell in the fields of fear, lack and limitations? Why is it that we have blinding clarity when it comes to what is not working. Giving the illusion of productivity, our problems are researched, identified, discussed and debated, but we can not see our way through to the simplest solutions?

The answer? It’s easy. There is absolutely no work involved in remaining fearful. Negativity is common place thinking and remember because you are a magnet you have attracted others who believe as you do. There is always someone to tell you what will not work, what you are not, and what you can't do. And because you listen, it is true for you. And because it is true, you continue to attract more people who support your belief in failure. But consider this. With all the great minds and mouth’s talking all the time shouldn’t things be better? Mightn’t we try to be the change we crave and there-by attract others on the path enlightenment?

For you see this is what I know so far;
Happiness and success are no secret, they are simply the outcome of the inputting, of a plan into action. A plan that involves a clear picture of a desired result. A consistent focus and belief in it’s eventuality and an intention to work and stay your course until it manifest. Remember since we are magnets always attracting that which is similar, then it would stand to reason that eventually we will attract those who reflect our state of being, as well as our changes, and our growth.

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