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Monday, March 9, 2009


Daylight savings time is a perfect opportunity to reflect on enlightenment. The days are longer, spring is near and there is seldom a better time to make personal assessments. So that being said, let me ask you this; If you were asked whether you would prefer to roam around in darkness or the light, which would you choose? Well now before we answer too quickly let us examine the pros and cons....

What are the benefits of being in darkness? Yes, that’s a big one. You don’t have to look at, or see those things which are happening around you. I suppose you know it doesn’t make them go away; instead you just don’t have to see them.

Another one is that you don’t have to feel responsible for what you don’t know, and therefore are not stressed to change or grow. I suppose we do have the right, to stay where we are, no matter how wrong we are.

Okay here's another one. You can continue on your way acting and doing as you choose, without regard to or for anyone else. Wow! That’s scary, but okay.

Oh! This is a common one. You can always be the victim / get attention, reminding the world that everything and everyone is against you. It never has to be your fault, right? You can remain totally guilt free. Hmmm, good one.

Okay, I’ve had enough, lets look at the cons, now it may seem that the pros outweigh the cons, but don’t be fooled.
What are the cons? It’s a very short list!

Ignorance is no excuse for the law, so your world begins to reflect your choices, so much so that even you believe them, keeping you trapped in your crap.

But the truth is, enlightenment dispels the darkness. It’s true that the best way to rid yourself of the dark is to turn on the light, and I’m not talking about the switch on the wall, I’m talking about the one in your thinking. Switch it from darkness to enlightenment. Now in order to be fair, I suppose we should weigh the pros and cons.

When you are enlightened, you are free of ignorance, prejudice, even superstition. You don’t need the darkened room to avoid seeing the truth! For when you are enlightened, you are well-informed, having a sound and open mind. You're willing to seek out and understand the role you play in any situation, and are aware of your ability to change either the situation or your perception of it.

When you are enlightened, you take responsibility for and control of your actions. Having given much thought to the repercussions.

When you are enlightened, you do not see yourself as victimized by life, rather you see life as the gift that it is, and you are aware of an order. A rhyme and reason: much like a spiritual understanding which has the ability to transcend human suffering.

And what are the cons? Well this too is a short list. I’d like to say there are none, and move on but I suppose if you're still undecided I should tell you what I know so far. The choice to seek enlightenment takes work. You’d have to decide whether it’s hard work or not, for it takes the looking past what you know so far to gain more information, but the choice is yours. Would you prefer to stay in the dark, (which in my opinion is a small and lonely place) or would you be willing to grow into a realm of peace and possibility?

Also, I know that March 20th is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox, a day when night and day are nearly the same length, so you have as much time in darkness as you do in light. I know that there may never be a better chance for you to choose enlightenment. I know that while it is work, the pay off far exceeds the effort. And I’d bet that anyone who has chosen enlightenment would agree with me. What about you?
Still in the dark?…Come into the light.

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