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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lets go to the bank, shall we? But first, let me ask you this; How many of you have checking accounts? Interest bearing checking accounts? Excellent! Okay now, how many of you have saving accounts which pay interest? Good! Then this will be a simple principal, for I am sure that we all could stand to benefit from our holdings.

Let us travel the road that defines Interest. In finance, interest has three general definitions:

*Interest is a surcharge on the repayment of debt. You know, that money you borrowed. Well they want it back with interest! But we’re not trying to pay money, we’re trying to collect right?

*Oh! This one is better. Interest is the return derived from an investment. It’s the stuff you get back based on what you put in. So as we go on, let’s not forget the word investment...

*Interest is lastly said to be the right to one's claim in a corporation such as that of an owner or creditor. In other words it's their business in your business.

I see that I lost some of you at the word investment, but stay with me, for it is as true in banking as it is in life that you may not collect on that which you have not invested in. Don’t take it personally, the banker simply does not know you. But when I think about collecting with interest, I offer that even those who appear to have no holding will still collect with interest.

Life as I see it is much like banking, and we would therefore do well to invest in it mindfully, for life is an interest bearing account... and I promise you that you will be paid back with interest on whatever you put into it.

So now if we are talking about life let us examine our relationships. How many of us are withholding from our relationships? How many of us are waiting for a dividend before we will invest in our partners. Tricky business, cause remember you are paid with interest, on what you invest, which means if you are withholding, that is about what you will receive. with interest!

Now lets take a look at our children, take a non-judgmental look at those relationships, especially if your children are grown. Know that when I say non-judgmental, I mean be prepared to take a honest look at what you invested. Do you see how you may be receiving with interest, on that investment. Now this is not about condemnation, many of us have wonderful relationships with our children. This is about the principal of Sowing and Reaping and, might I add, with interest.

We have but to take a look around us, at our homes, at our community to see that some one has sown a mess. Someone is not investing in their children. Some one is not taking care of business. Some one is not following the law. Some one is not playing by the rules, some one is cheating. Some one is lying, some one is shooting and many are dying. And all of those who have invested in any form or fashion in this mess are collecting with interest.

If life is like banking and I believe it is, then let us please be mindful investors. If not for your community, if not for your partner, if not for your children, if not for me, then for yourself.
For what I know so far is that you can and will only, and without fail, collect on that which you have invested in, with interest.

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