"...these loaves that I will share with you, were baked with love, and what I know so far. I'm a firm believer that we are what we eat, and I pray the bread I share here with you, will nourish and encourage you".

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Let me ask you this; are you the kind of person who all ways has a issue? Maybe you are gifted with the ability to see exactly what’s wrong with everyone in your life. Do you become frustrated easily? Have you ever felt that everyone is out to get you? Have you ever noticed that even when something starts out well, before long it all begins to fall apart? Do you here yourself saying things like “every time I do” thus and such this thing happens? Or if it’s not this thing then surely it will be that thing. Do you always know when something is about to go wrong? You just see it coming. Oh yeah, and you feel it be your civic duty to tell everyone you know. Do you find it difficult to settle down in a relationship because everyone you meet has this problem or causes that problem for you. Have you said or herd yourself thinking “there simply aren’t any good ones left”? Oh, and your job, no not the last five of them, this one. Yeah I know, it would be prefect if only...

Tell me now, do you find yourself thinking of most everyone you know “If they would just…”, you can fill in the blanks? I’ll bet you have a long list of what it would take to make them better. (Chile, I know) Don’t you find or feel that you are all knowing, smarter than everyone else, or at least everyone you know? Are you the best at everything you do? Yes, and this is why you ought to control everything, right?

Still you feel rejected, unappreciated, unlucky, not properly respected, lonely, unloved, stressed out, the whole damn world is crazy. The bottom line is you’ve got issues with most everything and everyone. Does this sound familiar? Well I’d like to offer my humble opinion. If you are the common denominator in all of your equations or shall I say issues... if every time something goes wrong you are there... if in other words nothing’s ever good enough, and you cant get along with anyone... then you got issues and maybe It’s You!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where the dots don’t connect, however if you are in a seemingly permanent state of disconnect, I’m thinking you might want to check yourself.
Now don’t get me wrong, this is not about blame. For laying blame serves not to mend an error. And being disconnected from ourselves is nothing more than an error. Sometimes we just get too stretched out if we are not careful to determine who we really are, what is really true for us, where we need to grow as well as those things we have outgrown. This is about being brave enough to take an honest look at yourself. Cause trust me everyone else is. Having issues from time to time is one thing, being oblivious to the issues you have is a prescription for the continuance of having issues with everything.

So now, check yourself. You got issues? Is it you? Good, now we can begin. You see correcting your issues is not nearly as painful as suffering from them. The first step is always in recognition. It is said that the moment we pay attention to anything, that thing begins to change. And things changing and embracing changes is what I’m talking about. The only thing that ever needs to be changed in any situation is you, your thinking. It is the definition you give to any situation that defines (be it issue-less or issue ridden) that situation for you!

Cause you see, this is what I know so far;
Everything and everyone you know has value, everything and everyone brings gifts to the table. Gifts that are often missed by those with unresolved issues. If you hold yourself so far above it all, what will find it that it’s lonely at top. But life was not meant to be lived looking down.
Life is far too vast to know everything and far too short to live disconnected!

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