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Saturday, January 9, 2010


By now we’ve all heard that no plan at all is pretty much a plan to fail. Still many of us are creeping along the road of life with no plan at all. But the beginning of each new year brings with it the optimism of resolutions. In other words we’ve got a made-up mind (at least on that day) for change. Now change is a good thing. Growth in my opinion even better. Still neither can happen without a winning plan...

The high ranking resolutions are around improvements in ones health and finances, often without a clue as to how to see it through. In other words we make noise or resolutions without the strategic steps, or how- to-do’s, or even a plan. So then what’s so hard about planning? Well, it dose take some thought, okay a lot of thought, and it takes work. Okay, okay a lot of work. But what are we doing that is so important that we cant take time to put effort behind thought for ourselves?

So much of how we operate is in the mind. Everything, at least for me starts there. I believe that with focus and discipline, any and I mean anything can be accomplished. Yeah? But that’s me, what about you? Does your life look like what you thought it would? Did you hold true to your resolutions made Jan. 1st 2009?

There are any number of ways to make a plan. Many of us set time lines. And I think that that’s fine. Does this sound familiar?, By the end of___, I will have achieved____. You can fill in the blank. But the truth for many is that’s where the plan stopped. We give the thought, but not the effort or action.

By now you know that I believe that words are things, and that they have power. The words we say could, and can create situations which then prompt or move us into action. Even more powerful than words is thought. In order to make changes we must first give thought to where we are and why. What are our habits? What are the patterns we habitually fall into which keep us stuck? Equally important, what are our triggers? Those things, when they happen, make us revert back to our old behaviors. I’d advise you to write them down and then give thought and language to what it will take for you to move from where you are, to where you want to be. What will you do instead? This is the beginning of a winning plan.

We live in an amazing time, a time where we have access. We can obtain information quickly and easily. This is another crucial ingredient to a winning plan, for it could be that you have not known where to start- but remove this excuse. Plan to get the information you need. I mean if you don’t know, you should ask somebody. For we all have our strong suits, things we are better at than others. Create accountability by working your plan with a trusted friend to get the things that you are less able to do, done. Use the individual talents of many, therefor stressing no one. I mean, if you truly Plan to Win, do so by any means available. It should be a way of life. Embrace it, and encourage others to do the same. This can simply be done by asking, “Do you have a plan?” I love to ask young people this question, gets them thinking early, lets them know it is a good thing to have!

Now as I’ve said, as I see it [and remember, it’s just my opinion that with focus and discipline]- any, and I mean anything can be accomplished. Let us take a look at focus. For those of you like me with a short attention span could find this to be challenging! But I make focus a part of my day, like prayer, meditation and journaling. I plan Cassandra. I tell her she’s deserving of all good things. I encourage her to be real about what she thinks, does, and why. For without knowing oneself there is no hope of growth. Therefore I’m honest about the areas where she needs to improve, and I’m always compassionate with her. She is trying after all. Then I ask her what she wants. I visualize it, feel it and own it.

I set aside time each morning to do these things before I do anything else, and the doing of this is the discipline. I believe that human beings are creatures of habit. The more we purpose ourselves to do anything the easier it gets- and the better we get at it. Its like exercise for your life. It is in fact, working it out.

So let me ask you this; What are you doing for the rest of your life? Do you have a winning plan? I PLAN TO WIN! I also plan to have a good time and enjoy my life. I’ve got other plans too, but it’s not really about me, it’s about you! Do you have a winning plan? Might I encourage you to plan and plan big. For if you can conceive of it, and hold the thought you will find in front of you the appropriate steps to take. And if you can see yourself at the back end of a winning plan when the path presents, you will be ready and able to follow it.

This is what I know so far!

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