"...these loaves that I will share with you, were baked with love, and what I know so far. I'm a firm believer that we are what we eat, and I pray the bread I share here with you, will nourish and encourage you".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I’ve got a question; are you a what if thinker? Do you catch yourself wondering or hear yourself asking “what if” this and “what if” that? If so then this offering or loaf of bread was written (or baked) just for you. But first let us consider the tricks of what if thinking. The traps that the what if sets. The time and the thought that is wasted in the land of what if.

Okay now, might I invite you to move from the what if to the what is? For this is, as I see it anyway, the starting point for real change. The what is being the reality of any situation versus the dream and wishes of what we’d like for the situation to be.
Some might say I speak as if I thought that dreams and wishes hold no value in our lives, but this would certainly be incorrect, for I know that our dreams, thought and wishes are what our lives are made of. And those dreams, thoughts and wishes reveal themselves as what is situations versus what if dreams sooner when we are able to master the transforming power of the “As If”.

Yeah, I know this sounds like double talk, but trust me, this is what I know so far. And if you think about it, you too may be able to identify and separate those dreams or thoughts that happen easily from those that do not. The person who is on your mind suddenly calls you, this is easy. You cant seem to get a break, this is not. Question; Have you ever wondered why? Could be the answer lies in the acting or the energy of the asking.

For remember energy is a very real thing and energy is also a magnet and what do magnets do? That’s right, they draw things to us. Things, I might add which are like us, which is why it is critical to act as if. Acting, asking, knowing and living as if, is in my opinion the only way to encounter the now peace in the meantime. The in-between time of the development of our dreams and desires and their manifestation. The as if position offers one the ability to relax knowing that though the revelation is not yet visible, the revelation is.

And it will speak in the appointed time as if on cue. As if, is a position of faith and faith is what it takes to navigate this thing called life without loosing your way or your mind. Simply act “as if”.

I suspect that acting as if is the missing ingredient to seeing our dreams come true. Lets take a look at energy again. We know that as human beings we are fields of energy. Spirit is energy. Energy is the thing that’s felt between people, that unspoken language between you and the world you live in. And there is a vibration or energy field around our thoughts as well it is like the fuel we give to whatever we’re thinking, and the energy that’s given dictates the nature of the outcome. Energy is defined as the ability to do things it is the liveliness and forcefulness behind an effort. In physics, energy is the power supply or source. Bottom line: energy is real and it is a real equation in the revelation of our dreams.

Far too often we deplete our energy with negative thoughts or actions. We may pray or desire of a thing in an angst filled energy field. Drawing to us, not the object of desire but rather the energy of desire. Though words are powerful and are creative sources when spoken, the energy or belief about the outcome is the thing that lingers long after the words. It is the underlying request that get answered. And when we are trapped in the dream land of what if, the land which indicates a hidden lack of worthiness, it is often those things we fear, that we attract.

However acting, knowing and living as if, moves us from the moment by moment watch to see if anything has come of our prayers. Acting, knowing and living as if enables us to rest in the assurance that we are creating those things or situations of our desires. Acting, knowing and living as if, not only moves us out of the what if, but it gives us the peace and the creative power in the what is!

Cause you see, this is what I know so far;
When we can know and speak those things which are not, “as if” they were, they will becoming!

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