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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Know Thyself

As people we spend a fair amount of time attempting to figure things out, and in my opinion far too much time in others business. Books are written, classes taught, and conversations had about how to understand people, situations, and events. We are told to pay attention, to learn to discern, that we may be able to tell the difference between what’s up, and what’s not.

And I do admit that all of that is good advice, for I feel that anything which brings about more education, information, and awareness of things, well, it works for me. Still I suppose the greatest course we may ever take, and maybe the hardest thing for many of us to do is to know thyself. These words are of eternal significance. I suspect that no better advice has ever been given us. Advice, invitation, challenge or dare.For if we begins to explore this dictate it could lead to a profound understanding about all of creation, not to mention bringing us home to ourselves. Creating within us that space of love which we many of us spend our lives seeking. It makes unhappiness, fear, sadness, doubt, and all the negative emotions absolutely meaningless. The invitation to know thyself is a life long study, but one we’d do well to take up.

Let me share a story with you, many years ago, I received a phone call from a distraught girl friend. She was upset because some man she’d just met, had told her she wasn’t a good mother. "Wow, I said, I think you are a wonderful mother, and I’ve known you for 7 years, how long have you known this man"? She admitted that she had just met him. Yeah, I said, cause you haven’t even placed the “girl I just met somebody call”. Then I asked her if she felt, she was a good mother. She said yes. SO, then I’m wondering why, if your going to pay attention to what anyone says about your parenting skills, why not listen to me, versus this transient you just met. I mean who is he anyway? Girl he’s just passing through.

So let me ask you this; have you been thrown off your game by what someone else has said about you? It has happened to me a time or two, but you know what I say “know thyself ”, and remember the world is full of people. And people, especially the unhealthy ones are full of s…uggestions and opinions as to how you be you. But guess what; you got to know thyself, for yourself.

I've said before that the care and feeding of Cassandra is a full time job, and I’ll tell you something else, you can’t know me better than I know myself, and the same is true of you. We would do well to remember that it’s not about what anyone else may say about us or do to us. It’s about what we say to and of ourselves, and what we do. Knowing thyself is about learning to trust you, learning to know the sound of your own voice, learning to put voice to your thoughts, and thoughts to your actions, and learning to trust them. Knowing thyself is living from the inside out doing our truths.

As much as I think I know so far, I do not know about you. however I will share with you what I do know. How it lands on you, wether you hear it, use it, or ignore it- is on you. But I hope that you will consider this. You are the gift, you are the one entrusted to care for yourself, and I use the word entrusted because you are of great value. And you know what? You are capable, for no one could do you better than you. I suspect that out of all the things there is to know in this world, nothing else would bring about more satisfaction than knowing thyself.

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